Flashworx manufacture a wide range of roofing accessories for standard and custom made flashings, purpose made gutters and down pipes, louvres and ventilators.

Thin pieces impervious material that prevent the penetration of water into a building at the joint of the roof. Flashings direct water away from the joint and therefore protects the building against water damage

A horizontal channel from metal bent, forming a component of the roof system, which collects and diverts rainwater away from the building and carrying it to ground level through a vertical pipe

A framed opening in a wall, or side cladding, tilted with horizontal slots that are hung at regular intervals, to admit stale air and heat, but keep out rain, noise and direct sunlight

Naturally static vents, fixed on the Ridge or slope of the roof,  that allows hot air to escape from a building’s attic and allows the heat and smoke, due to fire inside the building, to escape for a limited time period